Keep your home mess-free with Gripperz Pet Bowls and Cup Holders !

Gripperz® Spill Proof Pet Bowl

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Gripperz™ Spill Proof Cup Holder

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Making Life a Little less messy

Everyday life is already messy enough. The Gripperz® line is devoted to eliminating common messes with products engineered and designed to make spills a thing of the past. Check out our GREAT SPILL FREE PRODUCTS BELOW, and Order now before LIFE GETS MESSY AGAIN.

See What Our Customers Have to Say !


I got to test out the pet bowl at a recent show. I'm super excited for the kickstarter campaign! My dog is crazy so you've got my pledge.


Hands down my favorite kickstarter project. The Gripperz™ spill proof cup holder did NOT disappoint me!


If you've ever seen the viral video of the cat knocking things off the table, well that's my cat. Not any more though!


Our RV has the WORST cup holders! I bought the Gripperz™ cup holder and have never looked back. Cool new design!


I'm an avid coffee drinker and work at a computer all day. I use to spill all the time. The Gripperz™ is now a must-have for my desk.